Helping the green wave gain momentum in science.

The Green Labs Initiative was created to address the environmental impact of scientific research within the Neuro, and seeks to cultivate a community of sustainable scientists.

We are working on the implementation of infrastructural and cultural changes within the Neuro in order to make our research labs more sustainable, by recycling lab materials, reducing water/energy use, organizing information sessions, and uniting different groups within the Neuro community for the shared goal of exploring green alternatives.

While we’ve designated formal positions to our team members, we all help out with a bit of everything and are always looking for volunteers!

Our Team


I am in charge of overseeing the GLIatNeuro committee, particularly organizing meetings and events, and sending regular project updates to our research community. I am a PhD Candidate at the Neuro, studying a genetic mouse model of Parkinson's disease. My free time is largely comprised of art/ science collaborations, dance, and aerial acrobatics.


I am in charge of managing the GLIatNeuro Project, including timelines, making sure we keep to deadlines, and incorporating new initiatives. I'm a post-doc at the Neuro, working on understanding the molecular mechanisms of Parkinson's disease. Outside of the lab, I love exploring the outdoors, cross-country skiing, and cider (or combinations of any of the above!).


My role in the Green Labs Initiative is treasurer, which entails ordering items which are necessary for our recycling projets and keeping record of our expenses. I'm originally from Germany and I am doing my PhD in Human Genetics by studying mitochondria. When I am not in the lab, I spend a lot of time in the ktichen and in the bouldering gym.


I manage data collection for all projects and processes we are maintaining through the Green Labs Initiative. When I am not spending my energy to save the world, I am taking time to decipher the molecular mechanisms of Amyotrophic Lateral Scelerosis and Parkinson's disease as a graduate student in the Human Genetics Department. I could not live without climbinb, skiing, yoga, and my many plants.


I manage media content for the Green Labs Initiative which includes website development and maintenance. I am doing my graduate degree at the MNI, studying hiPSC-derived models of Parkinson's disease. In my free time, I enjoy long walks by the canal with my Samoyed puppy, concerts and going to concerts.


Maria Zamfir