We would like to give special thanks to the Sustainability Projects Fund at McGill for making our environmental endeavours possible.

The Sustainability Projects Fund mandate is to build a culture of sustainability on McGill campuses through the development and seed-funding of interdisciplinary projects. It creates opportunities for the McGill community to actively engage in sustainability initiatives on campus, empowering individuals to be change agents in their own studying and work environment.

To learn more about McGill's SPF, click here.

Every lab that uses Kimberly Clark gloves can participate.

How you can participate?

1) Fill out the RightCycle form (email us: gliatneuro@gmail.com)
2) Collect gloves (non-biohazardous) in a box (big boxes in MP036 or 627)
3) Pool gloves in large RightCycle boxes – we will organize / pay for shipping
4) Data collection : fill out our recycling spreadsheet
5) Bulk ordering : send us how much you plan to order and we will negotiate discount for the department

If you do not use Kimberly Clark gloves, you can look into TerraCycle as an alternative - but for the time being, this would be at your own lab’s expense.

Any brand of tip boxes can be recycled.

How you can participate?

Tip Boxes are collected in boxes, provided by GLI (pick up in room MP038 or 627)
Bring to shipping (by Security) – prepaid
Fill out recycling spreadsheet
NOTE: we may not have funding past December 2019 to pay for glove and tip box recycling. At this point, it will be up to individual labs to ship their gloves boxes and purchase VWR tip box recycling boxes. We will keep you posted on our funding and ability to pay for these services!

Collection by each lab on a voluntary basis
Recycling bags can be obtained in MP036 or Room 627 while supplies last
Needs to be brought out every Tuesday evening for pick up on Wednesday morning
Ambulance Entrance (near the main entrance), Rue Université

(Rm 655 of the Rockefeller Pavillion at the Neuro)

We would like to help the labs at the Neuro reduce the amount of unused lab consumables and equipment, as well as unnecessary expenses.

What with frequent personnel turnover and changing research projects, equipment and consumables are often left discarded or unused for decades. We’ve all had the experience of ordering the wrong cover slip size, a chemical we thought we needed, or randomly receiving twice the amount of falcon tubes we ordered -- and shoving those items into some forlorn corner of the lab.

Our lab Material Swap Space gives these items a second life, and reduce research costs in doing so. Just stop by with your unused lab consumables and equipment, and feel free to take something you need! Please use our google spreadsheet as a reference for what’s in the room, and update it with any items you’ve added or taken:

Google-Doc Sign in and out Sheet:

NOTE: we have limited space, so please do not treat this as a discard pile -- please only leave useful, non-hazardous materials in this space. If you have any chemicals, reagents or antibodies to trade, you can put them on the google spreadsheet with your contact information.